A great game that's got a lot of customization

User Rating: 8.5 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
Alright well the game is pretty fun. When you first start out in the game you pick your team name and you begin the game. So the story is that your basically an architect who builds AC's (armored core) and basically you need to build the best AC to beat your opponents. You will spend most of your time in the garage building, tweaking and testing the AC's you make. Your team comprises of 5 basic AC's which basically aren't going to be that useful after the first couple of matches. There is a lot of customization which I think is the best part. Basically everything on your AC's are customizable. The head, body, legs,. Arms, weapons, generator. You can customize the AC paint job and a whole lot of other options including the ability to tweak the way your AC reacts in battle. You can also make your own team logo. When you start a battle your given the option to either control your AC or have the AI to do it. Personally I would definitely us the AI because the controls are hard to use. The first six AC you will face are in the bottom league which is where you will start off as well. You should be able to get through them easily. After that the real fun begins when you get into the regular league these AC's are so much tougher and you'll be constantly going back to the garage to cook up a powerful AC. The regular league consists of 30 AC's, each time you beat one your rank goes up until your able to become number one, its like a ladder ranking system, you beat one you take there rank. Its not going to be an easy task I'll tell you right now but it'll be worth it. I haven't been able to reach rank one yet right now I'm ranked 6th. All and all the game is something no armored core fan or someone new to the series shouldn't miss