a challenging buy pun intended

User Rating: 8 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
ok first of all you think of all the other armored core games and standing ontop of the building in terene city shooting missles down on your enemy all the way to a rank 1 and think formula fron is gonna be just as easy but your wrong from what you here no building and now actual arena battles so your "hey why not" and then you get past the first rank thinking your all that only to be stopped dead in your tracks at regular with a **** face that shoots heavy rounds and moves too much... this game is not for sore losers or people who make one ac that they think is god modded and will blast through anyone you need a great amount of time to tend to this game.

one. dont buy it for more than 25$
two. have to be paitent and not easily tempered
three. like i said no sore losers play this game you need to be able to handle trial and error well!

now after playing this being all of the above (following 1-3)

i give it a 10 for its customablity which is what you want with armored core games
a 7 for grphics as it lags in battle some times but the detail is a masterpiece when it isnt
and a 6.6 for gameplay due to a high chance of failure and needing alot of skills most people dont want to waste on this game