let me be very honest on this reveiw

User Rating: 8.1 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
let me be very honest with this review acff is a great psp game. fans of the series will love it and ppl new to the series will spend hours on costimization. fans no what to expect but for those who dont let me explain. you are given a mech to fight and you basically fight them to be a rank higher untill your # 1. but its harder than it looks. most ppl that havent played the game will make 1 good mech and try to beat the game with that one mech but it will hardley ever work see its a good thing to loose you find out how your opponent will fight than you costimize a mech to give you an advantage wether is stregth speed etc.

game is fun you will spend hours costimizing mechs and tryingto beat the next mech you face. also this game is hard like devil may cry level of difficulty hard. so luckly you can custimize the way you want the ai to play if don't want to fight the mech which can help. now sometimes you might play better than your ai and sometimes it might play better than you.

yah its average nothing special.

wow there great the enviroment is a little blocking but the graphics are great.

the defualt controlls suk but don't let that bother you luckly you can set your own controls which will help a lot once you set controlls suiting you there pretty good.

overall acff is a game fans should defenitly pick up and ppl new to the series might fall in love with the gameplay. if you havent played a ac game before and you were looking into this game go and buy it if you were a little iffy bout it go and rent it.