"What? This game is repetitive? I didn't really notice..." Mech-busting action brought to you by PSP.

User Rating: 8.5 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
As a big fan of giant robots, explosions, and weapons of mass destruction, I fell right into Armored Core.

Graphics. The Graphics are awesome. Theres good clipping, theres good amounts of detail, theres lush environments, theres lots of fiery explosions, theres lots of great animations to wrap it all together. It's quite possibly the best looking PSP game i've played, and i've played alot of them.

Music. This game has a soundtrack? If it does, I couldn't hear it over all the gun shots and robotic noises. Theres about 4 tracks I could hear, those that are in the menus. These got old really fast. Afterawhile your brain completely tunes them out. The sounds in the game are what you expect out of a mech game: Bullet Shots, Laser Shots, Explosions, Stomps, Destruction, Mayham, the usual.

Gameplay. Yes, this game is REALLY DIFFICULT. I think I threw too many fits to count after losing battle after battle after explosion. Later on in the game I mastered the weight limit and learned what guns do what, as well on getting higher ranked mechs. The amount of detail you can tweak is amazing, and I spent hours from changing colors and making my emblem for my team. It was fun just to make the mechs look awesome as it was to blow them up.

Overall I found it to be a fun action game, and little less then a mech simulator at all. Sure theres AI piloting, but I never once checked it out enough to have it be able to win matches for me. It takes along time to understand, and even longer to master. People say this game is repetative, but I didn't even notice it. It seems like one of those games you'd just love or hate. Not recomended for just ANYONE, but recomended for any mech fan out there.