Starts with a Bang.

User Rating: 7.8 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
Purchasing this game, i honestly didn't think i would get out of it what i did. I thought that from the reviews and ads, it looked somewhat difficult and somewhat addictive, not a mind blowing spectacle i couldn't stop playing. And, well, it was that at first. I was totally new to the armored core series, so i had no idea what all the parts did, and how to build a killer robot that could take out anything no problem. I played it a couple times, beat the bottom league matches, and then gave up for some time. Later though, i attempted to beat it, and within one week i did, testing, creating, painting, and fighting my ultimate team of AC's i had finally created against the pletniful 30 other teams on the regular league. I had my downs, yes, when it seemed as though no part i put on could defeat an opponent, but then there are those secret strategies! ^_^. i finally beat the game feeling very satisfied with it, but was dissapointed that it was so short. AFter you fight all 30 or 35 matches, there is nothing esle to do excpet rebattle your opponents. I think i got the bad version of the game, but still. This game had eye popping graphics, very difficult controls, but overall, i think it's worth the value. Make sure to get the international version, though, if you want your money's worth.