An enjoyable game for those who have taken their time understanding its quirks.

User Rating: 5 | Armored Core: Formula Front PSP
Newcomers to the AC series will be overwhelmed on the very unforgiving enemy AI and not to mention the clumsy control scheme.
But if you could just at least get past the control hurdle then you'd probably enjoy on what the game has to offer.

AC: Formula Front's strongest point is the option to customize your ACs. There are lots of parts to mix and match with. Each part(from head to toe) will really affect your AC's performance on the field. There are lot of issues to tend with like weight, ap(AC's hit points), energy drain, etc. You'd probably spend an hour or two just to try making a very balanced mech. If your the type of player who wants this in a game then you'd probably want to try this.

But sadly, customizing mechs aren't the only aspect in AC: FF. You'll eventually get to duke it out with an opponent AC. And this is where the game will either make a man out of you or will leave you whimpering like a kid. The controls takes a while to get used to. Thankfully, you'll have the option to map out the controls. It won't make gaming easier for you but at least you'll be able to control your AC much more easier.

The opponent's AI is relentless. There are frustrating moments like when your trying to turn your AC 360 degrees while the opponent barrages you with bullets and missiles. A clear and alert mind is needed when just a minor mistake on handling will have huge consequences.

Another thing about Formula Front is the AI battle. If you don't like hands-on fighting you could just leave it to the AI to do the fighting. What's more is that you'll be able customize your AI's behaviour. The game does good on letting gamers choose if they want some action or just concentrate on the customizing part.

There is no story. It's all about customizing and fighting. Battles are held in tournaments or league matches. You slowly advance to the top as you defeat opponents rank by rank.

All in all, Armored Core: Formula Front is an enjoyable combat sim for those who have really taken the time understanding its quirks. It's easier to give this a score of 2.5 but given the time and resolve this is a game that'll probably gives you a sense of accomplishing something. So I'm rating this halfway. Not good but not bad either.