One Word: Breathtaking. Utterly brilliant gaming experience for any mech connoisseur. A must have for any PS3 collection

User Rating: 9.5 | Armored Core 4 PS3
It's hard to start. The game is all over the place. Compared to the past AC, this by far is one of the best. The graphics are phenomenal. The buildings are destructive and look life like compared to From Software's Chromehounds. The mechs are highly detailed to a fine crisp point where I am able to see fine patterns on the mechs chasis.

Gameplay is fast paced and extremely action packed. I love how the boosters actually benefit the player in this edition rather than hinder. The missiles that other mechs shoot out are able to be shoo down (wow). Customization of a mech is a key element in winning.

The sound, compared to Chromehounds, was definetly a bit of a let down. They seemed quite softer and the blasts and impact damage on the mechs didn't make the gamer aware of what was happening till it was too late. This was my only complaint about the game.

Overall, a must have. Worth every stinking dollar out of your pocket. I choose this game over Virtua Tennis 3. I am definetly not regretting my decision. Gamespot highly rated this lower than what it should have gotten.

Your PS3 is a waste if you haven't even tried this out.