For True Mech gamers only!!!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Armored Core 4 X360
Armored Core has been to a select few, one of the greatest Mech games to come on a console. Armored Core 4 I have been waiting for with great anticipation. I cracked open my new copy and threw it in.

I was immediately immersed in the graphics. What an update! Finally this AC's look like huge stacks of metal. The fluidness of the controls and on screen graphics, the customization all wonderful. Is it hard you ask? Well have you played any other Armored Core games? Were they hard? Amored Core is either very easy or Very Hard depending on your ability to piece toghether a lethal Mech. I have yet to go online, and will probably finsih the Single player campiagn first, but when that it done, I will sure blast away at what we fans have always wanted, Online Multiplayer. Now I can finally go toe to toe with some of the world most unkown AC pilots like myself!

Graphics - Beautiful
Gameplay - wonderous
Music - fits

This game is truly a must have for those that play Mech games, not as clunky as Chromehounds or MEchwarrior, which are both Excellent Mech games, it almost has the notch of Zone of the Enders 2 the Second Runner, however the missions are only so long where as the missions in ZOE:2 are huge.

But you cant configure your AC like you can in Armored Core.
Sorry for the comparison but ZOE:2 was Superb.
At Any Rate Go Pick this up, if you have a brain and like to use it, if you are easily brain farted, go buy Kirby or TMNT stay away from grown folks games.