For fans only.

User Rating: 9.3 | Armored Core 4 X360
I'm going to keep this short and sweet, since I'd like to get back to playing. Given this series' notorious legacy of being unfriendly to newcomers, its understandable to see all of these poor reviews for this newest entry. This game focuses mainly on expanding on what was already done (which most people didn't like) and adding a few things that fans have been asking for. If you are an AC fan like me, however, there's a LOT to be had here with the new parts, subtle changes and, above all, online multiplayer- (now we can finally talk to other actual fans). The updated graphics and tweaked combat should be noted as well.

If you were expecting a new experience that would draw you into the world of Armored Core, be prepared for a game that is unforgiving as the rest. With a lot to figure out with customization. You will feel both gratified and accomplished once you figure it out and are able to show off your brainchild.

Fans- what we've come to expect- though in my opinion this is a better update than former games in the series have been (Ninebreaker). This game cannot be missed if you like Armored Core.