This is easily the best in the series next to armored core 2!

User Rating: 9 | Armored Core 3 PS2
I'm not gonna go in full length on this since no one actually discusses the game anymore, but this was made in gamings golden era of awesome games!

Graphics are great lots of detail not a whole lot to not like about them really, I'm sure they could have been better but still solid looking game.

Music...amazing I loved it had a great beat to it and was an adrenaline rush I loved all the music even the main menu stuff gets in your head haha!

gameplay. This is where you gotta put a lot of time into the game. It's not the easiest to master right off the bat like you can with games like halo or other fps games. It takes a lot of practice and you really need to get a feel for the movement of your mech, with all the options, parts you can choose and all of them change how you will play the game, makes for a satisfying experience especially since the arena mode is so well done! Great gameplay lots of options makes the game worth having!

Story...Um I really kinda forget the whole story been many years since I've played it but it's not bad at all, you basically choose who you work for, you can even have an ai buddy which is new to the series and not sure they ever did that again but thought it was a welcome addition to the game, sure you basically share the loot but you were more likely to survive and you can let the other ai take the heat, not always super helpful I mean ai has never been spot on anyways not even in this generation and don't see the next gen being a whole lot different either.

Replay value is very high I have played this game over and over again I love it. Sadly they were not able to do any better than this. It's the last game I really enjoyed in the series.

Over all this is a gem of a game, a must own for those who enjoy mech style games with fast paced action but not so fast that you get dizzy or frustrated it's a great game in the series and recommend it to those who enjoy this kind of game.