THIS GAME IS NO FUN! Buy the soundtrack, avoid the game!

User Rating: 6.5 | Armored Core 2: Another Age PS2
Armored Core 2 - Another Age (PS2)
Review - 2007.09.22

THIS GAME IS NO FUN! Buy the soundtrack, avoid the game!

New Armored Core, same sucky azz control. AC is one of those games that has a "cult" following because it taps into a genre that is highly addictive much like Resident Evil and sadly like RE lacks the control & quality that would make it a great game an survives only on it's unique appeal.


1. Upgraded graphics but only on the mechs, the environments still look kinda PS1.
2. Futuristic world
3. Tons of combinations: Each mission may require a special setup like for example a machinegun to take out a lot of small enemies or a huge cannon to take out a few tough ones.
4. Make money, cool strategy component
5. 100 levels
6. Classic Techno music that's awesome, they don't make a Soundtrack for nothing.
7. Some enemies can have limited ammo like missiles but I never experienced this. I'm only guessing on this since theres a gauge on your screen that tells you how many slugs a foe has left but haven't got it working yet.. guess I don't have the right "head" yet.
8. Boost function with R3 is nice but it takes too long to engage.
9. Make your own Mech, name it, design your own logo: What makes AC addictive.
10. You can sell items at the same price you buy them...... I know, doesn't make sense but at least you don't create a dead end save where you don't have enough money to buy what you need. I'm guessing they're like cell phones, it's the ammo sales where they make they're money.


1. Control SUCKS!
I laughed when I played this because it controls EXACTLY like the previous AC's. It say's on the box "Quicker reaction time & better resolution". Um... what does that really mean, quicker reaction.

That type of advertising is along the lines of "cleans spring fresh & now with bubble power".

AC 4 allows you to look around with the right analog like every other game out there, took them 7 games before they got that right.

2. Tons of combinations and 99.99% of them worthless. As you may have guessed, only a few parts
are worth a damn.

For Example....The device that prevents "lock on's" from enemy missiles doesn't work because when fighting a Boss, his missiles find me just fine. Also some devices don't work at all like the laser based anti missile extension, it does nothing or if it does they sure as heck don't tell me how to use it.

A lot of the strategy of using different parts for different missions is eliminated because of this CHEAPNESS! The strategy of setting up the right mech for the job is the only selling point of this game and they destroyed it.

3. Computer AI bosses have too much of an advantage since your stuck with crappy control, they also have amazing abilities you can never have such as insane flight time, fast recharge, infinite ammo, and of course move flawlessly.

4. Impossible Missions. There are a couple missions besides the ones where you figt a boss that are just IMPOSSIBLE, I'm half way through the game and still haven't finished "Destroy Radar Array" because I just can't make the chasm which is weird because I made it easy the first time I played this level but now I barely make the first valley but sure as heck I always miss the second. Of course to make it annoying is this stupid homing mines that follow you everywhere and are INFINITE, yes, make a impossible level more impossible with infinite enemies.

5. Some cheap elements like missions with invincible enemies like a bomber that's always on your
case so you have to wipe out the foes before you get pummeled to death.

6. Confusing control, I really hate having to look up & down with L2 & R2, I always get it backwards.

7. Useless Anti Missile Drones & such:
You have to switch to the Anti Missile weapon before you can fire it which makes it impossible to use since by the time you see the missiles to the time they hit is too fast. They should have made it launch via another button, you can't switch, fire, and then switch back.

8. Some Bosses can be REALLY hard. The worst are the ones that are at the end of a long level an having to die & restart all over. This is very unfair in the level of performance difference between you & the enemy AC's. They move around flawlessly unlike the clutzy control you're stuck with and have abilities that you'll never be able to obtain, hence your always way out gunned & out maneuvered. 9. This game is more of a strategy game than an Action one.

10. Again a lot of the levels have narrow corridors with little cover.

11. As usual, you don't fee like your operating a HUGE robot since theres little there to provide scale comparison. What is there is easily missed & overlooked.

12. The environment is mediocre in detail.

13. Losing missions over & over because of poor control, too hard bosses, cheap chessy moments, finding out a part doesn't do what it's supposed to do, and finally just going out of bounds. Nothing has changed from the PS1 versions.

14. Energy Weapons are energy weapons therefore they don't have ammo.... so why do they include ammo with them, thou there is no ammo deduction at the end of a mission, still your limited in how many shots you have, this makes no sense.

15. Horse blinder camera angle.

16. Crappy turning, nothing more annoying than a fast flying AC who does circles around you an you can't turn fast enough to face him all the while your getting pelted. Theres an add on that makes your turn faster but it hardly makes a difference against encircling AC's.

17. Very confined outdoor areas, nothing sucks charging into battle and whoops, left the area, mission failed!

18. You can get hung up on certain things, usually in a boss fight.

I could go on & on & on but you get the idea, this game sucks. I'm going back to playing ZOE



This game is only for Fan's of the genre who can look past it's huge short comings & suck ass control. You would think they would have fixed the control in the sequel but obviously not. This control setup exists in AC 3, AC Silent Line, AC Nine Breaker, AC Formula Front. The new control system that is easy to use makes it's debute in AC Nexus and continues with AC Last Raven & AC4

This game is too hard & frustrating, how hard, I have all the cheat codes on an it still gives me trouble.

I could go on & on & on but you get the idea, this game sucks. I'm going back to playing Zone of Enders.


1. Focus on a well balanced machine Armor wise and focus on Fire power since putting down a foe fast is your primary concern. Your here to save money on Repairs & Ammo an some levels have time limits or friendlies to protect so the faster you do it the better.

2. In your face is very effective against tough bosses, if you hit them first with a me lee, you can finish them fast.

3. Some levels are easy as pie with certain weapons like machine guns, heavy hitters, or long range snipers.

4. Energy weapons are good money savers because they don't gobble up ammo but you need a powerful generator to use one and also to be careful not to put yourself in overheat. Keep an eye on your meter.... yknow what, play Zone of Enders an just have fun instead of worring about all this crap or if you like strategy, play Front Mission!