Another Age what more to say?! Armored Core 2 is back and cooler then ever!!

User Rating: 9.8 | Armored Core 2: Another Age PS2
Armored Core, The legendary Mech game. I had the fortunate opportunity to grab a copy of this game, at my local game store. I Had played it before at a friends house and he had a crazy Mech so I wanted to beat him at his own game. So I started playing it. It was one of best Mech games I've ever played. I had seen the first Armored Core, It looked great same with Armored Core 2. I never new the fun it was. It started great and with a challenge of building a good Mech to start with the limited credits you receive. So I build a more heavy tank bot (The kind I have been use to from Starsiege and Mechwarrior.) The game was not to short but could have been longer. I'll leave out spoilers for the you that have not played it yet. I'm telling you Its Worth Buying. The multi-player makes it even better. What is better then having Pizza and you and your friends going at it on Armored Core!? Great features are also in this game that you don't find in most other Mech games such as custom logos and custom body parts for pretty much everything. Its a good buy and a great game. It will always be one of my favorite games for the PS2. I highly recommend it.