look in between the lines, and you will appreciate ARMA 3.

User Rating: 8.5 | Arma 3 PC
so, let begin.
ARMA 3 is not your typical shooter or rpg game. Forget about run and gun, forget about BF3 or CoD. it was never advertised as one, and will never be one.
This is completely different game in its own league. You cannot compare it to above mentioned games.
I read quiet a few reviews, with many ppl complaining for it being unfinished, buggy, with out campaign, to hard and etc.

ok... and so what? is it the finished product? Hell NO. Just look out of the box for a moment.

There is a huge gaming community that constantly improves the game with mods and addons. If you cannot or don't know how, or do not want to learn how to mod a game, you have no reason to buy it in the first place.

plus, there will be official campaign addon in a bit. and there will be updates after updates after updates.

Just to remind ppl that we do have google, with million of forums with step by steps how to. If you have no time for this (5 minutes to learn, and 2 to execute), ARMA is not a game you should play in the first place. its long, boring, slow paced simulation.

For the players who get satisfied to spend 30 minutes crawling through the bushes in order to locate and eliminate 1 target.... ARMA 3 is dream come through.

Graphics: 10+
if you have a nice rig. nothing crazy, just modern system. you cannot complain for the game being top notch, with HUGE map and tons of details.

Sound: 5
I hate standard sounds in all of ARMA games. its weak, with no real punch to weapons. atmosphere is nice but nothing fancy. while going through forest you will hear all sorts of nature sounds and etc. Weapons and vehicles are bad.
WARNING: in a few weeks there will be addons in the community that will blow your mind. Sound on its own will change whole atmosphere of the game.

Gameplay: 10+
not for every one. who ever likes these types of games, its exactly what doctor prescribed. the game will be played until new one come out. huge fan base that constantly will update, add, change content of the game. PRICELESS.

yes, AI is stupid, some what slow and some what way to good of a shot... i would love the AI to react human like, be able to run away when overpowered, go on a hunt and etc.... but it probably wont happen for some time. we have to live with that for a few hours a day while playing the game. Not a biggy.

for 60 bucks i will come back to ARMA 3 for the next 1-2-3 years with out having a feeling "did this done that".