Dont Believe the Hype

User Rating: 1 | Arma 3 PC
Awful bug fested glitch. This is not as realistic as ARMA II and is not living up to its promise. For thatit deserves the lowest score. We need better games on PC. Consoles are getting the best out there. Stay clear of this game, you have been warned!!!

Even Battlefield 3 has better graphics and more gamers playing on it. Compare to the arcadey BF3 Arma is way below par. Feels like a rushed product. Theres not enough contents to justify the price. Forget this game and play BF3 instead!

The audio also glitches. Doesnt take full advantage of a 7.1 surround. The sounds sometimes comes late, kinda like watching an old Kungfu movie dubbedinto english. Its embarassing and should not exist in PC games. BAD BAD BAD!

What were the developers thinking? That we should mod and fixtheir broken game? Were was the testers? What happen to all the hype? You expect me to pay a full price for this nonsense awful broken game? And then fix it? It aint April fool.

Skip this game and you'll thank me later.