Stiff, buggy, and just all around junky with very little content.

User Rating: 2 | Arma 3 PC
Honestly, i could safely say the arma2 base engine which they just enhanced and re-used for arma3, is without a doubt the worst video game engine ever made in the history on gaming. It's laggy, its stiff, infinitely buggy, the AI are insulting, and it quite simply can not handle the most important thing about the series,the multiplayer. If you have only semi-crap performance in singleplayer, you can see a 500% performance reduction just by joining a server with 30 players or more. I have no idea why, but if you are standing in the airport in stratis in single player and have 100+ fps, you can join a server with 20 players in it and watch your fps drop down to 18 in the exact same spot you are standing. This is unacceptable, yeah being online there should be occasional connection lag yes, but being online should never effect the physical performance of the game.

i have a very good pc (4770k, radeon 7970 3gb, 16gb ram) I never experience physical performance lag.

And the irony is that with such a low framerate, my video card core is only being used 18-20% and running at idle temperatures. This shows that there is next to ZERO 3D-Acceleration taking place.. Honestly, I don't even think my video card knows a 3D application is running. The closer a game can maintain to 100% video card usage the better, a good example would be bf3 or crysis because this shows us that the game is using up all of the video card resources available to it. Heck even the laughable WARZ instructs my video card to kick into 88-90% video core usage to maintain a steady 150-180fps when uncapped. It's like the arma dev's do not even know how to tell a video card

The worst part about it is that like arma2, it still does not have multi-core cpu support. The developers have no idea what they are doing. You can even load a game from 12 years ago and it uses up multiple cores better than arma2/3 does. If you run arma2 you will see that core 1 is being used up 60% while all three other cores are at 5-10% max. If you open up arma3 its the EXACT same thing, i mean identical. And again, my cpu temp is so low its like its not even doing work.

And even at 60+ fps the game finds a way to not feel very smooth. I just don't know what the deal is with this game. Literally every additional player that joins into a server reduces the physical performance of your game by 5%, why? Even the game just cause 2 which does not even have a multiplayer engine can support 200+ players in a single server without reducing your framerate 1%.

I cant stand it, It has all the exact same problems as arma2 carried right over. The color pallette of arma2 actually looked a bit more authentic than the cartoony colors used in arma3. If you look at arma2's chernaurus map for example you get a creepy sense of being in real life woods. There are thousands of trees, tall dry grass, gritty lighting.

Arma3 also has basically NO content, its a scam. It re-uses arma2 engine and does not even provide us with at least some content? There is two maps, stratis, and flat stratis. It's highway robbery. There are about 8 guns, they all use the exact same ONLY gun sound that was also the ONLY gun sound in arma2 (not the only one but if you play arma2 you know that one typical assault rifle gunshot sound im speaking off). Also the AI is just as terrible, they aimbot you through vegetation because they see right through it and they just stand there like dead-wood. You can bust into a door and they just stand there, like stone-statues. And than they begin to fire while just standing there rock solid, don't they wan't to live? Why don't they take cover? Why don't they toss flashbangs or grenades?

Also the game is just infinitely buggy, in the final release the first thing i did was run up to a cement wall and pressed V and i stepped right into it. The next thign i saw was some guy drive past in an invisible vehicle (he was floating in sittign position going 25mph turning an invisible wheel). And if you go to climb a ladder you will climb the air 12 inches to the left or right of the actual ladder. They also use the same frustrating inventory/user interface where you have to maticulously reposition yourself around a vehicle just to get the "enter vehicle in driver seat" words to appear. It sucks. Its just a terrible game. For a 2013 title they should have burned the arma2 engine in a blaze of glory and started from scratch.

Oh yeah and also you have to deal with the same CRAPPY server crap where admins have to regularly restart the server just to make the game run like 30% less CRAP. being like "ohh yeah its getting laggy time for the HOURLY SERVER RESTART" GOTTA RESTART THE FKNG SERVER AGAIN BECAUSE THIS GAME BEHAVES LIKE ITS FROM 1985.

If i saw a bohemia developer i would arrest him too