Arma 3, is a game that you won't regret spending your money on. Read on and find out why!

User Rating: 10 | Arma 3 PC
Arma 3, is a strategic shooter game with amazing graphics, game play and engine on a massive sandbox environment. The game provides you with its powerful editor where you can take advantage of its massive map 270km2 and arsenal to create your own missions and scenarios. With support for steam workshop you can download and upload new missions easily and on the go. Arma 3 also provides you with a great range of different commands and camera views all thanks to its amazing engine. In game you can use both first and third person cameras, you can free look, and fire from over 20 different firing stances. Arma 3 provides you the best of the four worlds with, a vast arsenal of guns and attachments, ground vehicles both armored and non-armored, a vast amount of planes and helicopters, and various boats and a submersible.

Being a strategic shooter the game pace is slower than your regular fast pace shooter. When engaging an enemy you need to put some thought on how you will approach your target. Where will it be the best place to shoot it from, how far is the target, what range is my gun zeroed to, where can I get cover , and an escape route if things go south. Failing to plan your moves will usually end up with you dying at first sing of contact. Shooting in Arma 3 is not as simple as most other games, the guns are very well calibrated to give you the best real life feel to it, both when firing or when just taking a look at it. When using different scopes range comes into play, especially when sniping, you always need to make sure what range your scope is set to, and fire accordantly. Most sniping scopes will let you zero in your scope letting you change the range in which the bullet will start dropping, the most powerful scope on Arma 3 gives you up to a 50x zoom and top range of 2.2km! There is also a vast amount of attachments to your guns including scopes, laser pointers, flashlights and etc. All guns can be customized on the go, all you have to do is open your inventory (assuming you have the scope on your inventory) and change the scope on your gun or add in a silencer to it. All attachments are considered items in game and can be shared amounts players, placed inside vehicles or just thrown on the floor when not needed. Arma 3 has a completely redesign inventory system with thousands of items including bags, vests, clothing, helmets, eye wear, and lots and lots of gear (rangefinder, night vision, radio, compass, gps, map, etc) .

With their extremely powerful editor as the heart of Arma 3 they take a step forward distinguishing themselves from the competition and showing why they are where they are at. The editor can best be described as complete freedom; here Bohemia puts the tools on your hands and says "go have fun". On the editor players can create anything from simple missions to very complex game mods, with the support for scripting and player based addons the possibilities are really endless. With steam workshop support you can download and upload new missions without having to close your game. Anyone can create a car model or a gun model or clothing model and share with their friends and they would be able to use those models on their games with their custom missions. Arma 3 really gives the players the freedom to use their resources and push the engine to as far as it can go. With this great tool and abilities a wide range of multiplayer mods are born, the high qualities ones stick around while the low end ones make way to newer updated mods. Which such a high variety of mods there is something that appeals to everyone. There is AW invade and annex (40-60 man coop), wasteland (faction base pvp, pve mod), Altis Life (RPG mod), and that's just to name a few famous ones.

Arma 3 takes advantage of NVidia's Physx to bring you the most realism when using its vehicles, specially the ground vehicles. Arma 3 has a huge array of ground vehicles, in 4 different classes; unarmored vehicles, light armored vehicles, heavy armored vehicles and tanks. Most vehicles come with an armed version and an unarmed version, expect the tanks. The heavy armored warfare is a big part of Arma and it does not disappoint. The realism of this modern day siege weapons are also not lost to Bohemia, it's impossible to shoot a gun or take a peak on your binoculars when next to a tank going off, the screen shakes violently with each shot adding a complete feel of realism. Tanks and heavy armored vehicles have 3 main spots, a driver sit, a gunner's sit and a commander sit (some can also transport personnel, with sits on the back). Driver drives, that's his role, gunner take control of the guns and the commander scan's the battle field for enemy's usually with some kind of thermal. Most mounted guns have a wide range of thermal optics for you to take advantage off. In these vehicles you also need to keep an eye on the rage that your gun is zeroed to. You can't shoot a target from 1km with your gun zeroed at 300m and expect for it not to have an insane drop. In Arma 3 you really get the sense of how destructive a tank can be, you also need to pick your shot because most of the time you won't have a lot of ammo to take your target out.

Flying in this game is also intense, and very realistic. You need to deal with wind resistance and G forces in a more realistic way then most games, for example if you are flying on a helicopter you can't expect to make a sharp turn going 250km/h you need to maneuver differently than if you were going 50km/h. Arma 3 also stick to realism when it comes to plane and helicopter's weapon load outs, you can't fit 1000 rockets on a jet and be on the air for 4 hours, that's not how it works. You have your vehicles load out and once you are out of rounds you need to rearm your vehicle. Taking off in Arma 3 is just as important as landing, you need to master your landing techniques in Arma 3 both to rearm your air craft or drop players off so they can move in to an objective. Like the armored vehicles and tanks you need to make each shot count because you can only carry so much ammo.

Altis is surrounded by water and there is a reason behind that. Bohemia really wanted to WOW us with their boats, something that they weren't too proud off on Arma 2 and the result is really amazing, with the introduction of attack boats, PBXs and a submersible. They added the ability for players to deep dive when on the water, with the introduction of scuba diving gear and threw some underwater guns on the mix to make things fun. They also took their time designing an exciting sea floor which can be explored with the submersible, but don't forget your scuba gear!

Arma 3 is a truly wonderful game with a lot of work behind it. Bohemia did a great job getting the players in on alpha and working out their issues so today they could release the game at the best shape possible to us. It's worth the buy and the game really gives you the ability to choose how you will play it, being pve/pvp, messing around on the editor or maybe a more rpg version of it. This game is massive and with no boundaries, the community is extremely active and release content daily. It's an extremely high quality game with endless possibilities and it won't let you down.