what a shame!

User Rating: 3 | ArmA II PC
what a shame ! what a waste of time ! what a waste of money!! as I said this one had the capacity of being the game of year but now ... I dont know what to say about this .( I cant call it a game!!) . Even after installing all of pathes its still too bugy and there are multiple crashes and texture bugs that really annoying me.its unbeliveable that even after installing the second path there are still texture bugs.And I think the manufactures must pay more attention to vehicles shapes for example when u look at the C_130J plane u ll find so many but after these bad features there are still some good things we must insist on . for example : its a real war simulator that id prefer it to BF or COD (of course if it hasnt have these bugs ) i am waiting for new pathes.and i hope the new ones would solve the many problems it have.there is one more thing : I think that ARMA 3 will be better than this one.