Bought it for the dayz mod like so many others. Works and is playable if you can handle some game-play bugs.

User Rating: 7.5 | ArmA II PC
They have managed to get most of the in-game content to be a very good fit for the post-apocalyptic society. And the limited interaction between players is also a good thing as it forces you to be more cautious and not as trusting against unknown players.

However, all the bugs and game-play issues that comes with a poorly optimized / unfinished game is almost a deal breaker for continued game-play. I say almost because had it not been for my friends playing the game I would have quit long ago. But as long as they are playing, so will I. The game has a strong emphasis on team-play.
For some examples on things that should be fixed before the game/mod can be fully playable is: Gravity (way to much), game responsiveness (slow atm), Zombies reactions/path to target (dayz mod).

As I said in the summary, this review is only for the game+dayz mod. I have not played the game as a stand-alone yet and cannot share my thoughts on it.