Could be a great game... But what the hell!!! All of those bugs...

User Rating: 4 | ArmA II PC
After 3 a-hundred-MB patches this game is still full of bugs!! Just to report the last two:
- a team member is on the roof of a building. I tell him to move to the ground. He does it extremely fast! 3.. 2.. 1.. jump! mission failed

- reloaded. I'm killed after 5 seconds no matter where I run and even if no enemy is in the area!


And there are more! I can't finish the first training because I can't find the 6th and last enemy in the village and nearby!

Another one?

Yes... Sometimes the screen gets suddenly white for 3 seconds. Why?

The graphics are good, even if a little bit laggy at 1280x1024 on a HD 4870. The controls are good, the sound is ok.
The idea behind the game was very good too, but I think it is very disappointing to pay for a game that is still pre-beta!