A sneaky reinvision of Operation Flashpoint that doesn't fail to amaze and astound.

User Rating: 8.5 | ArmA II PC
Arma 2 is in short a revised and massively improved upon Operation Flashpoint by all means. A grand excitement, the feel of the game itself is as difficult as its predecessor but by no means exciting, the graphics astound, the effects, animations, all of it amazes. The thought of real warfare tends to scramble in the back of your mind when your sitting with a platoon in a dense forest taking fire half past 2 am.

The Multiplayer is endlessly fun incorporating realism, fun and endless replayability with an all too similar map editor allowing the player to transfer his or her imagination on massive maps designed for all out warfare. Considerably smart AI for any number of situations. In short there's too many examples to use here so lets just stick to that amazing factor *wink*.

The sounds of the game are nothing too short of amazing and that all in all contributes to the games success.

Gameplay is fun, however user friendliness is definitely not there. Most of the time you're stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to figure out how to pick up that, or sit down there, even drive that over there if you get my drift.

Arma II is an astounding reinvention of a series quietly laid dormant for nearly ten years.