Bugs bugs bugs

User Rating: 6 | ArmA II PC
ARMA II wants to be a serious military simulator. This is a one shot one kill kind of game. And this includes your character too. You really have to plan your tactics and move with caution.
The visuals are beautiful and sometimes breathtaking. You feel like a small person in a big world. You are not rambo who have to finish the job because nobody else can. I tried some of the single missions, and if you hide behind cover for to long, the rest of your platoon will almost finish the mission without you.


There is so many bugs and glitches. Lots of campaign missions can't be finished because something went wrong somewhere in the big open ended world. You have to save all the time and hope you can revert to an earlier save game, before the errors appeared. Still, with the latest patches, there is to many bugs to count, and you get so frustrated you will quit, before you finish the game.

To bad. It did look like an awesome game.