The definition of junk

User Rating: 2 | ArmA II PC
I like the idea of the what the arma games strive to create (an extremely large military simulation) But the blatant disregard for quality is just mind blowing. It stiff, the animations are robotic and glitchy, the performance is downright nauseating (even on a high end pc). The graphics are dull and it is quite apparent that the developers make no effort to optimize or polish a single aspect. The missions are laughable at best, they are just simple instances of the developers using the mission editor to randomly place enemies in certain areas of the game.. It's apparent that the developers of the campaign did not even take the effort to play through their "missions" to check for any errors. For example you will have friendly convoys that are directed down a pre-designated path where they will just run over their own troops, you will encounter people (that the mission instructs you to go and speak to) who's bodies are clipped inside a gasoline barrel or other random object, You will have to constantly re-load missions if something goes wrong like you miss the bomb defuse code because the engine shows it once and thats it, you must reload the entire mission again (not just restart you have to end arma and re-open it because the game does not know how to sucessfully revert to a previous state.

The AI is so bad that its rather insulting to me as a gamer and definately to the people who wan't a realistic military simulation.. The AI do so many stupid things i do not even know where to begin. I was in a room looking out the windows for a good 15 minutes and i did not even notice that behind me was an enemy just standing there aiming his rifle at a wall. If you kill the gunner on the back of a vehicle the enemy driver of the vehicle will just stop and sit there forever with the engine running. Sometimes i will run into a room and enemies will not be facing me and you have to wait 30 seconds for their bodies to PHYSICALLY rotate 180 degrees at a snals pace to fire at you.. Sometimes enemies will just there and do nothing as you walk up to them. If you clear out an entire base and can not proceed because there is another enemy.. you can look around for a while and just find him sitting on a turret not moving at all or making NO effort to get off the turret with you standing right next to it. Sometimes you can be completely outnumbered by terrorists and as you go to engage them they will all just surrender and put their hands on their heads for NO reason. And if you decide to shoot the 20+ surrendered troops one by one.. they do not even respond they just stand there waiting for their turn to die. The ai in this game is just garbage..Its insulting at best. And other times they magically are just SUPER PRO and can fire one round from a mile away and hit you and kill you in one shot. And they all can spot you through trees/vegetation.

Also the physical performance of this game is just terrible. On a high end computer (3770k, radeon 7970, 8gb ddr3) the game runs like crap. Even with a high framerate of 60fps solid it just never manages to feel fluid in any way. Just by appearance it looks like a game from 1990 and should be running at 5000 frames per second.. I do not see ANY reason why a game this lackluster could some how find a way to lag. Bohemia interactive must have a masters degree in making things as low of quality as physically possible. I do not think another company could make a game run this bad even if they tried their hardest.

There is no physics system or anything to allow objects in the game to interact with eachother. Every animation or player movement that interacts with an object in the game just glitches through it.

But the absolute worst part is the user interface in general.. you have a better chance of figuring out how to use the controls inside a real life helicopter than just trying to figure out how to equip an item in this game.

There is no real multiplayer engine, this is obvious because the physical performance of the game is effected by number of players in a server. The purpose of a multiplayer engine is to compensate every players latency to trick the game into thinking everything is running accordingly.. This game does not have a real muliplayer engine. In multiplayer games its normal to experience connection lag but NEVER should internet play effect physical framerate and pc performance. That is just unacceptable.