Great game overall, but there is one unforgivable shortcoming... the single player campaign

User Rating: 7 | ArmA II PC
Let me start to say that this game is an improvement over all features in ARMA, you have a better single player campaign(yes ARMA's campaign was even worst...), much better graphics, the scenery is better too,the AI etc. ...

But the single player campaign is buggy as hell (there is one mission that you have to kill a sniper, and the AI always kills him before me all the time), also the there are 2 missions at the end where there are re spawning enemies and such a thing as no place in single player ARMA game.You carefully examine a town mark enemy soldier positions, sneak into the town carefully, kill every soldier and... baaam!!! An enemy soldier spawns in front of you and all it takes for you to die is one bullet...(well you can see my problem here).
The characters in this game are bland, there is nothing in this game to make you care for them.I remember all the names of the characters of the first OpFlashpoint and it was over 10 years ago,that's how memorable those characters were, now Razor Team, couldn't care less....

One of the things I can not understand is why does the game has so many units and you don't use any of them in the SP Campaign so much potential wasted (clearly a rushed SP).

Other than that the game is good, it just fails so much to live up to it's grandfather Operation Flashpoint Cold war Crysis and its immersive, great campaign.


-Great graphics

-Lots and lots of units

-Good setting(Chernarus... loved the scenery)

-Ok story in the singleplayer campaign but nothing special


-Badly optimized (you will need a very good rig to run this)

-Re-spawning enemies


-Short,short campaign

I still rather play again the first Op Flashpoint with those ugly graphics than to replay ARMA 2.

Could have been a 10... shame.