Want to play with a group on Dayz?

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Hey, I've been rolling with 3 good buddies on Dayz. We always appreciate some friendly people to play with. If you want to play with a group of friendly/mature people add me on steam (nickprovs). We all are in eastern time. We had a car once, and are extremley stealthy players. We used to be friendly with all as survivors. But we've been getting really unlucky latley. And we've decided to shoot anyone that notices us unless we know they are friendly. 


We're not a clan by any means, just a group. Please download skype if you don't have it. We communicate through it. Anyway, go and add me if you want. We've been having some good laughs and scares with this mod/expansion so far. I'm sure you will too!

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Hey, I'm with another group of 4-5 but I'm willing to join up with you guys some times too since my guys usually only play at a specific time. Maybe we can hook up later too, both of our groups. To tell you a little about my play style, I kill everyone who ends up in my path or are going to be a hindrance in the future. I have tried making friends in game but I ALWAYS get shot in the back for helping them. With my new play style, I am living MUCH more longer than I used to be living. Oh, and something that really irks me. You guys are all at least 18 years old or older right?
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Two 17 years olds, one 21 year old. I think you'll find we are all very mature and fun to play with. You can add us on steam.


If you had me ill just link you to everyone else.


Steam is Nickprovs.


Our characters have been alive for about 3-4 days now. We are well geared as well. Our latest goal is checking key car spawns. We want some vehicles :).

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I have sent you an invite but because I couldn't send a message with that invite, was declined. My Steam name is Antonio. I'll send another invite.
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I can't send an invite anymore for some reason so you're going to have to find my account and send the request. Invite me from here because searching for my name doesn't work. http://steamcommunity.com/id/r3dsm0ke
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I would like to join, because I am tired of getting killed by others that act like they are friendly and turn out not to be.

I think that playing in a group helps the survival aspect alot more. I have been playing this solo for about two weeks is okay, but it gets somewhat boring after awhile.

My name ingame is... ghstbstr, and my Steam name is... agentxfile

I saw your Steam name above, and I will send you an invite.

We can join up anytime. I am off from work on tuesday and wednesdays, and I usually play at night on EU servers because the darkness in this mod is way to dark. I am west coast so only a 3 hour difference from your time.

See ya.

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Would you mind having my cousin and I in your group. My cousin is 16 and I am 15. We take the game seriously enough to where we don't want to die but we try to have fun. I am rash. I like to attract the horde and pick them off one by one. If somebody needs help I don't care I will help. My cousin is sneaky. He comes up with a plan and tries to stick to it. If it doesn't work we quickly come up with something else. We know what building a raidable and which are not. We always watch eachothers backs. If their is a sniper I will take it. I love snipeing. My cousin prefers to have a winchester or something where you can run and shoot and gaurentee a hit. Also we know a few glitches that can assist in dire needs. To communicate we use skype. But we only use it when we are far from eachother. When we aren't we use the game speak so we can talk to others.
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Also our ingame names. Mine is SynHD and my cousins id Daveed.
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Hey man i added you on steam nickprovs , my steam addy is madhatterzz , hope to join you guys soon
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Hey guys!


Decided to buy this game and I'm downloading it right now... Added you on Steam, just waiting for the game to finish!

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I want to play as a group, but there's a few things that would probably turn many off.

  • my playstyle pace is extremely slow and deliberate.  I usually never, ever run unless I'm zig-zagging across a barren area to make it hard for snipers to get a bead.  I pretty much always travel just walking so I can constantly use free-look to consistently scan around me as if I'm running or crouch jogging it's very difficult to  do this and see anything clearly.  Walking also lessens the consumption rate of water and food.  I only crouch run in cities and stick to walls, stopping very frequently to scan the area before hopping to another piece of cover.
  • I never, ever kill except in self-defense.  If I ever see anyone I immediately go prone and let them pass.   There have been countless times where I've spotted someone running towards me long before they were in lethal weapons range and I was able to take evasive action.  Never once been spotted or caught by surprise.  Once a guy ran right past me in the forest (I saw him running up from behind) who was literally only 2-3 meters away as I was prone.

I try to play, as much as possible, as if I were doing it in RL and I wouldn't imagine any person (much less a group of them) wanting to play so methodically and carefully as I do.  Perhaps there are but mostly every survivor I've come across is booking it which I can understand given the map size.  My games can be quite boring and uneventful for long periods, but that makes it all the better when something does happen or I lose my character.  I hear the average game length is around 28 minutes.  I find that astonishing and difficult to believe as I have characters that are weeks old.

So if all that sounds interesting to you, then yea I'd enjoy a game. My Steam is Rekunta33. 

btw: if you're in a group you don't need to become bandits.  When you see someone, have all immediately go prone.  Decide on a greeter and send him in to say hello.  If he's gunned down, pop up and kill the guy.  Loot his gear, wait for your dead guy to respawn and meet up so he can re-equip.  You can't lose and there's no reason you HAVE to kill (there will never be loss to anyone's gear) aside from being d!cks.

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i would like to join a group of people who enjoy playing dayz as a team using tactics and other stuff, i used to play with my 2 friends but their computers were very slow and couldn't handle it. i am 16, mature and love working in a team add me on steam:krokkedyt