Controls are garbage and the game is nearly unplayable.

User Rating: 1 | ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead PC
I originally purchased this game for the Day Z mod I had heard good things about. I kept hearing about how ArmA 2 was a realistic shooter and I have to say this is the least realistic shooter of this generation.

The graphics are sub par. They would be good if this was PS2 generation, and yes its that bad. I can honestly say Hitman: Blood Money graphics would easily be superior to this game. Your character doesn't move through the world so much as flaps and flails his arms around while movement is completely detached from the world you're in. The movement feels like Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Your character doesn't interact with things like grip and vault a fence, its more you do a vaulting animation and the game figures out where you wanted to be and puts you there. None of the animations are smooth or look good.

The controls... where to begin. The person who designed them has a bright future in gaming. As a customer. The controls are garbage. When a title is sold on realism my character slowly lighting and whimsically throwing a flare while being attacked in melee combat is the antithesis of realism. There is no stop-casting so once your character begins an action he sees it through to the end. The inventory system is non-intuitive to the highest degree. The "gaming elite" see this as "difficulty". I see it as poor inventory design. Because I have a brain. There are 1000 different button combinations that do 1000 different things, very few of which are covered in the tutorial. When you check the "controls" tab it appears the developer decided that classifying their macros was too much work. Its just a giant, non-stop list of actions and button combinations with not even a remote semblance of organization.

Then there's the issues when the controls and poor interface work together. For example on my first foray into Day Z I snuck into a zombie invested town and was looting a house. On my way out my character got hung up on the door and suddenly, somehow, I broke bones. No explanation, no visual representation of what had happened. Just my character couldn't move through the door because of how poorly handled the movement and animations are and I'm penalized. Then when I finally draw some attention while moving through the city in the prone position I tell my character to stand up, which he does. Then when I try to run away, he returns to the prone position. For 30 full seconds I keep attempting to stand up, switch to crouch, double click prone and try everything in the book to get my character to move in any way but prone, however my character had resolved himself to move only through prone. I even had time to check the completely useless and unintuitive controls list from the menu to see what "perma prone" button I might have pressed to get into this situation that they didn't see fit to explain in the tutorial, but nothing was listed. Suffice to say I died, through absolutely no fault of my own except for bad game design.

I could talk about the last part of the game which is the combat, but its irrelevant. When your graphics, environmental interactions and controls are this bad, you get a 1 out of 10. I normally hate reviewers that give games 1 out of 10, but when you design an unplayable game and charge me money for it you earn your 1. I only wish I hadn't purchased it on Steam so I could return it for a refund.