WAR Sim, nothing else comes close

User Rating: 10 | ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead PC
The Good:
Feels like ARMA II with lots of addons already installed.
In Multi Player you and your mates can split a heavy weapon into cmponents and carry them in your burgan then reassemble it at another location.
Has everything for a middle east war.
Far more realistic in every way.
Taliban type units look realistic
ARMA II addons work in OA but some particle addons wont work.
Same performance as ARMA II.

The Bad:
No maps with sea coast
The origional ARMA II content has not got the new features such as the Cobra heli still does not have FLIR.
No Uk forces.

Thaught it was just going to be ARMA II with a new map and new units and weapons but instead they gave it all an overhaul. The version Im using has the HIFI sound mod from ARMAHOLIC its still got iffy explosions without a sound mod so get it installed. I'm just going to point out sme of the things I know of and like so far, not got time to say it all.

Is the main thing they added you can see heat and they added it to the Apache and Abrams tank and many rifle scopes. The makers say they will patch other vehicles with FLIR in the future so that ARMA II vanila content has the same features.

The Maps

Huge Afghanistan type enviroment.

Huge Town Map with room around it for desert warfare before the Urban fighting.

A desert map with every building and road removed so you can make your own location using the town generator.

USA Army & Middle east army and weapons added as well as Militia and armed locals so if your a mission editor you get enough content to make up the iraq war and the insurgent aftermath. The locals look similar to the taliban so great if you want to make an Afghan war.

FN-FAL scoped
M110 = 7.62 sniper version of the M4 .
Lots of versions of every rifle some weapons are from ARMA II vanila some weapons have FLIR scopes.
loads more too tired to type them all.

The Strykers are really great when hit by RPG the Crew has time to get out sometimes it wont explode. Tires can be damages and it will keep going but slowed down. Gone are the days of vehicles just blowing up with one hit.
everything else you need to make a middleeast war.

Its too much work to explain what they added it's so huge its not an expansion its really ARMA III but they hardly touched the level of graphics so I guess they wanted to call it a stand alone expansion because the graphics are nearly the same.