operation arrowhead is what arma 2 and arma should have been

User Rating: 9 | ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead PC
Finally we have a winner, most of the bugs are gone (ok some are left but they don't count as much as before). I remember when arma 2 was released i had so much expectations but it was kinda disappointing because of the bugs, but this expansion is what it should have been, more options for the player, the sound is better the voices are better, the movement, and yes backpacks, new weapons as they promised, UAV (it is nice to play with the chopper :D), new enemies, a more realistic feeling, the graphics are kinda the same but i like the desert look. The ai is like in arma 2 no major changes, i saw some new multyplayer mods didn't try it i play single and with the editor . A new good thing is that they made the tutorials more easy to understand (oh well if you played opf, arma, and arma2 you will not need it), It isn't as laggy as arma 2 but it has it's moments, don't expect to run it with all the option at max...
I really like this game and arma 2 (i've gave it a 7.5 because of the bugs), i've hopped to give this game a 9 and i did because it deserves it, many of the problems are gone, some remain but it surely deserves 8-9 ratings.

NOTE: if you like to run and gun, or you do not have patience don't buy it rent it or leave it, if you like to feel close to a war it is the best the market could offer you , and no it isn't a flying simulator IT IS A WAR simulator, so do not complain because the flying is not as good as microsoft flying simulator or other flying games, first of all it is a war simulator (and a hard game ).
Good luck