How can a polished studio game be worse than No Man's Sky when it first came out

User Rating: 1 | ARK: Survival Evolved AND

This game is truly terrible. Do Not buy it. I can't believe someone would need to spend 2 years in game to even be able to play it.

The Forest had building, harvesting, and survival elements, but someone how it not suck as hard as this game.

Im happy I realized this game was a complete rip off just from 2 hours of gameplay so I was able to get my $19 refund. And this game wasn't even worth this much.

You wouldn't believe at how terribly everything in this game is made, how clunky and buggy the menu is, how poor the gamepad support is, how bad the survival system is.

I mean even if you run around and do nothing but eat berries at start you still starve to death. What do you need to eat to become full, like 10000 berries.

Even No Man's Sky was playable when it came out, I would rather spend hours doing pointless tasks in an alpha version of no mans sky.

I can't believe people are not outraged by this game at all, at least no mans sky was playable.