This game may either be one of The best games you have bought or one of The worst.

User Rating: 8 | ARK: Survival Evolved PC
You pretty much need to find a Trine Or have Some freinds to have alot of fun on this. Also The size of this thing! 100GB-165GB! Also a very good PC is needed to play this Badly optimised game. If you play on official servers you will be grinding, alot of grinding, But if you rent a server (not 100% sure how that works since i have not rented a server yet) Or a non dedicated server you Can choose how quickly you level up, tame creatures, get resources and all kinds of stuff. The game is also very hard in general. Me and my brother have alots of fun When playing this. We only had one problem. Where we could not join each others servers. We just need to verify The files and it works! So watch out for that. Also this game costs alot so id recommend waiting for a sale or an other website.