Arena Wars 2 Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Win 10 maps in singleplayer mode. A decent start
    Ambitious multiplayer. Ambitious
    Win a match with having 24 Buggys at the same time. Ant Wars
    Maximize your supply and win the match. Big Spender
    Win a match after being behind 0:2. Comeback!
    Get your modules back 100 times. Concerned Defender
    Use a buff on an opposing unit to cancel another buff. Countermeasure
    Win 10 matches in 2vs2 mode. Dynamic Duo
    Win 10 multiplayer matches in a row. Invincible
    Master multiplayer. Master
    Master Thief
    Get back your module five times during a single multiplayer match. Minister of Defense
    Motivated multiplayer. Motivated
    Win 100 maps. Natural Born Winner
    Win a multiplayer match 3:0. Perfectionist
    Both, your opponent and you hold the modules until they are returned automatically. Running out the clock
    Destroy 500 enemy units. Scrap Dealer
    Win a match in less than 7 minutes. Whirlwind

    Contributed by: Guard Master