one stellar game =),,i really enjoyed this

User Rating: 8 | Area 51 XBOX
neat story ,,,good enough graphics,, almost exelent,, intense story,,intense battling foes=)

good enough story,,good voice acting,,good weapons and how they shoot,,,great co-op play =) ,,

great virus,,great visual char models and the talk amongst them,,,great creatures,,great scaryness ,,,cool looking enviroments and levels,,great multi ,,

good use of textures and colors,,and sprites,,,

its bland but it is a good bland,,

a mix of everything here ,,thimngs like,,funny,,idiotic,,smart,,scary,,dumb ,,

there are may reasons to play this again and again=)

i like how barrels blow up,,gasoline,,gas mask talk ,,the gas stuff,,,the crazy stuff=) the plot,,the unkown,what to expect and not to expect=)

,,, it evolves good enough=) ,,, ,,

clever,,crazy ,,artistic and dumb sums this game up and kind of scary=) ,,

idea well written ,,,, some split screen fun madness here too=) ,,,great array of weapons ,,neat ,,,,, a ride,,elevators ;p,,doors ,lockpick,,chats,,data ,,=) neat puzzles ,,a blast=) ,, , smart , ,

so what are the dowfalls,,its a glitch ,,hf =)