a FPS no one should miss

User Rating: 9.5 | Area 51 PS2
area 51 is one really good FPS ive played loved it from start to finish some people say it is repetitive i thought it wasnt at all. The game simply went through lots of different environments like area 51 hangers to area 51 labs to alien ships. Weaponry was awsome you got to use alien technology and such. You also had to go about scanning different things to get history of different things thats happined in area 51 i found that interesting also hard to find and scan all items.

The voice acting is really good, david duchovny, powers booth, and marilyn manson fitted into the game perfectly voice acting was brilliant. The game's difficulty was a decent challange it was a hard game to play but thats whats all about the challange. The harder the better the longer you get to play it for. This is a game i would deffenetly recommened for someone to play.