Great crafting system, PVP, and idea!

User Rating: 10 | ArchLord PC
I've read the Critic review and I thought "Hey! Why not see this game for myself!", now I know what you're thinking. You probably think that this is a grind-to-level game, and to be honest it is...until you reach level 30. That is when the fun begins. When you are level 30, you are able to use mounts and explore the massive world of "The Archlord". You can assassinate the Archlord if you see him, but be careful! The Archlord has special skills which allows him to summon a huge dragon, change the weather, or he can send his knights to kill you. You are able to put bounties on people's heads and kill people for money. The crafting system is amazing! You can kill ANY animal and use the resources collected from their bodies to make potions to help you transform into them. There are so much to this game that I can't even type it enough, just try it out yourself! Once you reach level 30, the fun begins with tons of quests and action. The "noob" levels below it are just plain grinding but it is fun if you grind with friends. A con about this game is that the journey to level 30 is frustrating. I would advise that you are always in possession of health potions and mana potions. When you run out, sitting down won't help. It only heals like 1 HP and 1 MP per second which is very different from other games. PVP combat is amazing, you can have castle sieges with Humans VS. Orcs (kinda like Lord Of The Rings), you may have an all out 60 vs 60 war ANYWHERE if the two opposing guilds see each other they can practically kill each other in cities or in the middle of the desert if they wanted to.

The final mark I would give this game is a 7/10. And no I'm not being generous. I've had such good memories from this game, I just want others to have great memories just like me.