A great change of pace which is what the puzzle genre needed...

User Rating: 9.5 | Archer Maclean's Mercury PSP
This was one of the very few puzzle games that caught my eye. After finding out more about it myself, I couldn't resist buying it.

Basically, in Archer McLean's Mercury, you are a blob of mercury. The aim of the game couldn't sound any more simple. Tilt the world to make the blob move towards the goal. Yet it is nowhere near as easy as it sounds.

There are 6 worlds. In each increasingly difficult world, there are 12 levels. 3 Task levels, 3 Percentage levels, 3 Race levels, 2 Combo levels and 1 boss level. The aim to beat each level is exactly how they sound.

In Task, you usually have to light up several beacons in order to complete the level.

In Race, you have to reach the finish pad in the quickest amount of time possible.

In Percentage, you want to keep the highest percentage of mercury possible (as you will find chunks of mercury will fall off your blob quite often).

In Combo, it is just 2 combinations of the previous 3 types. You have to take two of these into consideration when completing these levels.

In the Boss level, the last in that world, you need to take ALL things into consideration. Once you complete this, the next world is unlocked.

There are countless numbers of objects that get in your way, too. Some are very useful, some eat away at your blob of mercury, and others are just downright frustrating.

There are bonus levels, too. If you get the absolute top score in every level in a particular world, a bonus level appears, which is almost impossible to beat. Also, once you complete the 6th world, a bonus world will appear, with 5 extra hard levels to complete.

So there is a hell of a lot of stuff to do here in this game, so it will take a while to put down. I, as well as countless others, find it extremely addictive.
Also, I have not yet come across somebody who has completely finished this game, with top scores in every level. So it is a major challenge.

Sadly, the multiplayer function could have been a little better. All you do is race a ghost of the other player to finish the level. They could have came up with a more inventive 2 player game.

It is definately worth time to check out it you are into this continuingly growing genre, as it is one of the few puzzle games that truly succeed in what they were trying to do. Well done!