Another decent RPG that gets bad reviews from GS.

User Rating: 7.5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 X360
The story is typical and the game play is nothing new, but that doesnt take anything away for this being a decent RPG. You can make some really decent choices in determining what type of character you will develop. I choose to be a melee type player with one handed or two handed sword attacks. Although you can balance out your character, each level you gain will have you putting skill points into your designated strength.

The story is that you are the prophesied hero who sees his fiancée and hometown destroyed and vows revenge. Soon he is caught up in something much more sinister as now he has to save the kingdom and destroy the harpy like demons from awakening their Demon Lord. Simple enough.

Throughout the game you will find plenty of chests and items that will help you along your way. The game is in the third person view and the controls are easy to master. The camera was hardly an issue, although the graphics left something to be desired. The were choppy at times and details of the land could have been slightly more precise. One thing that I loved was the never ending backpack. You could store every single item you find or buy in the game with no limit. Either sell or hold on to for crafting later in the game. And speaking of crafting, it was best used for healing items and at the end of the game, a much improved armor. Other than that, weapons and armor are best found from enemies and chests. And believe me, they are plentiful.

The game is Quest driven but not in a bad way. I mean there are a few fetch quests but most were main quests related and the side quests always gave you a reward worth the effort. No matter what the goal, you always got a very decent amount of EXP so it's good to complete as many as possible to become stronger. Exploring is kinda limited but you dont need to grind out to higher levels as I beat the game on only level 29. Enemies will rarely overpower you and if they do you can always put healing items on the quick button to stay alive. At times I even backed away and used my ranged attacks to get some breathing room. With the melee type fighter I was able to unlock the rain of blows skill which means I could keep attacking without pause so most enemies were not a problem.

Like I mentioned before, the story was typical for a RPG but the fun in this game was battling enemies and finding items. One hammer I found halfway through the game that gave me health with each hit was the weapon I used for the rest of the game. Even though I found stronger swords, having your health raised with each attack was crucial in late parts of the game. The map system was great. It showed exactly where I needed to go and the location of quests and quest related items. All over the landscape, if items were on the ground, the game showed them to you by having small lighted bugs hovering around the item. This made items easy to find and moved the game along.

Overall a very decent RPG and definitely worth the time to play. Although only about 30 or so hours of game play, still not at all disappointing or boring.