Way to linear as far the new RPGs go

User Rating: 6 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
The good : something to do ( its like methadone for an addict) RPG wise, the graphic engine looks nice, the save system is almost instant, short loading times. I didn't encountered any serious bugs.
The bad : boring fights, linear development ( u'll feel like a monkey running trough a pipe) , to few and bland sidequests.

The game is over simplified. From my point of view this game is not worthy of the serie in which is placed. It holds now desire to play it again even thou it lets you somehow chose the melee/ranged/mage path. The end dissapointed me , the dialog is to simplified and leaves no room for personal development , there are no good/bad choice only THE CHOICE (see the monkey remark).
I'm sad because, with a few more effort the story could have been more convincing , and the game could have been better . But since it's not the case, it remains an "almost" or "could have been " game for me . It had it's good moments, gave me something to do , but it's certanly no Oblivion or Ghotic III
All in all a barely 6 for me.