A total disappointment. This game should not be called Gothic. It shames an excellent the series.

User Rating: 3 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
The game looked good only for the first few… seconds. The graphics look good but except from that nothing else seem to be interesting.
Although my computer is a good machine I had problems with frame rates even when video options where put to low. Character movement is a little out of synch. For example you pick up herbs in less than half a second while other movement choices are less than what should be normal speed. A fact that gives you a negative feeling from the beginning.
The inventory was not to my liking. Very small pictures of items making them not to look so important.
The story "A guy loses the love of his life and swears vengeance" is done SO many times before that makes it boring. The dialogs seem very childish and the music goes unnoticed. The map is relatively good. The way of the guidance of quests makes them extremely easy. Wherever you have to go (or kill) there is an exclamation mark no matter the distance. You simply don't have to look for anything. Everything "is brought on a plate".
Skill tree and level advancement is also very simple and you don't have to make a lot of choices. Choosing the one over the other won't make a lot of deference.
In the end , it's a total different game from it's predecessors. A bad one. There where a lot of things that guys loved in Gothic series and none where kept in this game. The only thing that connects it with the previous games is that you meet some of the characters like Diego.
I tried to force myself to play this game just to see where it would lead or if it's gonna get better. It always failed.