Don't waste your money, Go Buy Two Worlds 2. This is one of the worst RPGs I have played. Worse than Gothic 3.

User Rating: 3 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
I gave up in frustration part way through this game and I'm glad I did.
I moved onto Two Worlds 2 and well there is "worlds of difference" between the games.
I found Gothic 4 graphics well below par on a setting that my rig would run smoothish at. The higher settings which I normally have no problem in running at with all the new games were very stuttery and processor heavy (Gothic 3 was as well in its day). This is just not acceptable when combined with mediocre game-play.
The character Experience/Skills upgrade tree is so basic much of the usual RPG careful character growth is lost which killed the game off for me.
Lots of side quests to be had were a good point and the story line seemed ok but I just could not continue these games are supposed to be fun not hard work.
Sorry Gothic 4 I did try but but Gothic 3 was a better game and Two Worlds 2 is a way better game.