How to throw away the Gothic brand and the ol'fashioned RPGs scheme.

User Rating: 3 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
Very little to say, this game is pretty awful. Nothing to do with the Gothic gameplay, nothing to do with the classic free-roaming RPGs.
It's just another ordinary, pretty boring action game.
The character developing system is embarrassing, the skills three is so poor that is not comparable to any other game.
Gameplay is not challenging at all.
The best thing about the other Gothic games is that the NPCs have their own life and rules: you cannot enter their houses and take anything you want, or hit them without consequences; all these things seems to have been lost. No free fighting or thievery or other interactions at all.
Everything is pretty boring.
The only thing that you may save could be the graphic engine, nevertheless it's used to create a tasteless environment: all the game areas are closed (no free roaming) and everything looks very "deflated".
All the NPCs faces and appearance are pretty alike.
The most sad thing is that a lot of people waited for this game, and the result is a waste of a legendary brand.
As a little ol' player, the only thing I can say is that market is producing a lot of garbage...