Not as just serves me to kill time until fable or some other rpg "rolls" out

User Rating: 7.5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
When I first saw the game and all those trailers i was so excited that i was numbering the days until 12 October.When the game finally started i thought it's gone be masterpiece and i didn't believe to the other comments.The Feshyr looks great and the whole world is great,but the gameplay,the fighting system.
Roleplay activities are poor,you can't sleep in the bed,cook,roast.. i mean i expected that it's at least gone be like in gothic 3, but no they just moved that out and i can't figure out why??
I think the game could be a way better if they continued with first nameless hero and not giving another one.They could made this game the best in the year if they continued Gothic 3,that they have started the story in the unknown land with Xardas and that we are fighting against represents of the Innos and Beliar.
It stupid that there aren't couple possible endings like in previous part...
Graphics are very nice(if you are not playing in smallest resolution).I wish that gameplay is that good...
Music 6/10.Comparing to the others game it could be around 9 but when we look back on Gothic 3... come on.Songs in g3 are the best,they are fitting so nice in the atmosphere.
I haven' spotted any bugs,it's clean but what's better when story sucks and gameplay hasn't improved.Crafting could be also better...
Conclusion: they should made this game a way better for all of us that have waited for her,like me, a year.