Can be a fun game. All it takes is a light approach and not having an expectation that it is actually a Gothic game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
Ok, now with some 10 hrs into the game and a level 13, here's a more solid opinion.

It is not a bad game at all. It is actually a pretty enjoyable game. All it takes is a light approach and not having an expectation that it is actually a Gothic game. For me, the exploration mode gameplay, I mean, the way I play it, clearing every pixel of every area without trying to advance quests by following quest marks works fine. Most of the side quests that were said to be boring, so far, I have actually had it done at the moment the quest giver was first met because I would already have all the parts done already. So it's not actually that boring for me because they just fit into the "exploration mode I mentioned, without having me actually looking for quest items and such.

Of course, it still has the ugliest women in any video game, ever! And it gets worse and worse. never better. Poor devs must be married to some themselves. Ones that would bash their heads on the wall if they came up with beautiful feminine forms and faces like a Leliana or the Lady of the Forest. Graphics are good though.

Combat is pretty ok. Skill tree is very simplified. The timed attack reminds something of The Witcher but that is a skill based move so it is optional. I can't say anything about the magic system. I don't like playing mage characters so perhaps people who do may enjoy it. It is very simple and a bit like Risen's elemental trees. Doesn't seem to have the more advanced choices that Gothics and Risen offer for the Circles of Magic.

All in all, it's a 8.5/10 for me. As long as I don't try to see it as a real Gothic game. Otherwise I would be filled with Rage!

EDIT: Reviewed my previous score and added 1 full point. After finishing the game, I just had to replay it and that's a full point worth for me! Increased difficulty to "Gothic" and well, I'm enjoying it even more than in my first run! So yeah, "Surprisingly good" suits it fine. Especially because fuels my old love for the Gothics. I might replay those after finishing this run!