An average action RPG which could have been way better.

User Rating: 6 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
Gothic 4
A standard action rpg in its own right. This game does not bring anything new to the genre and has very few awe inspiring moments. In my opinion it could have been much better.
The world in Arcania is beautiful, nice textures and brilliant HDR lighting. I just wish the developers paid more attention to the character models that they did the world. To put it frankly the character models and animations sucked. Everyone looked like a variation of someone else
The music was pretty ok but the voice acting was horrible and left much to be desired.
Gameplay was typical to the Gothic series, block and attack. This formula still works surprisingly well today even though the battles were surprisingly easy.
In total the game is barely average but could have been way better. I think it was rushed and needed more fine tuning.