Good ambiance but nothing more.

User Rating: 7.5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
Graphics - > Good but not great

Game Play - > Easy (Direct the hero to the creature and hit left click button)

Story - > There is nothing special. You follow the map and get the quests. New quests open new map sections and almost you never go back there again.

Interaction - > Short dialogs without any sensations. It seems you don't get bored from the dialogs but this low level AI also gives you nothing. You cannot orientate their actions and you cannot affect them in anyway.

Creatures - > They look like dumb ass. Keep hitting them and they almost give no reaction until death. Even 4-5 creatures surround you, they almost cannot empty half of your HP.

Skills - > There is not a big skill tree, just a few and more than half are useless. (Melee based skills are enough)

Items -> A few items without enhancements.

Balance - > If balance means easy game play we should tell this game balanced but it is boring and unskilled.

Leveling -> Leveling doesn't affect the Hero's skills and strength too much. The game is easy from the beginning and it is getting easier.

Action - > I haven't seen any action yet. (I have opened more than half of the map)

Team Play -> No groups, no team play.

I gave 7,5-8 to the game because of the atmosphere and easy game play. But don't expect much from this game. If this is your first RPG, it will be a training for you about an RPG basics and easy game play won't inflict you. But for a fan, it would be a disappointment.