First 2 hours in the game is pretty lackluster but it picks up later . but really , STAY AWAY from this game .

User Rating: 5.5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
The pros of this very very uninspired WRPG I had ever played in my life .

-Satisfying combat
:By satisfying , I mean the combat simply gets the job done . Dont expect anything more , or anything less .

-Great Looting / crafting system
:This is the department where the game shines most . Lots of gear to uncover with a ton of EQ and things to craft . Too bad the stale story and lore doesnt help to compliment this .

-REALLY REALLY Terrible terrible voice acting and script dialogue.
:play the demo and if you think that it doesnt sound like a B grade hollywood flim , you are being delusional or you expectations are just too low .

-Game starts off with really craptecular introduction which instantly says Failsauce , not to mention really bad early gameplay that follows the intro .

-Characters that have puppet like emotions which makes serious dialogues and cutscenes look like COMEDY .

-Optimization issues . Really bad frame rates without applying hotfix . I have a Q550 + HD 5870 with 4gb ram and by right that should max it out fine , but without the hotfix , Game chokes and stutters at max out settings . Lowered the Draw distance and SSAO didnt help too much too until i applied the hotfix which solved the problem .

On overall , Not worth your time and money getting this . I wasted $44 SGD on this because Fallout : NV was delayed , those money could had went to Lost planet 2 for PC though .