Gothic for Dummies, but not bad

User Rating: 7.5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
First off I want to start by saying I have played all the Gothic's from 1 - 4.
I loved 1 and 2... 3 was horrid until the community patch came out.
I loved 3 after the patch... but still buggy as hell.

Now onto our current cousin, Gothic 4...

The graphics are great, the music is awesome, the acting is mediocre at best.
I love the fighting especially the rolls and the archery once you work on it.
I am a big ranger esque player and was amazed with the archery/stalker power up, (Zooming in, +30% damage for neck/head shot, and plus 200% damage on stealth shots - assassin style).

I like the sword fighting and two handed weapon flurries.

I actually like the fact that the items you can grab light up or have a wisp element floating around them, (haters I know you will talk about purism).

Now for the part I didnt like

1) no dual weilding... come on why did they take this away... such a good style!
2) not open enough when it comes to roleplay and decisions. Its just too simple many times.
3) cannot kill anyone innocent
4) No stealing or pick pocketing
5) No sprinting
6) Storyline is OK