Just not quite there with all the quirks and no polish but is manages a small shine.

User Rating: 7 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
I have played the game to almost end and it is a good game its the story line and lack of a professional touch that kill this.

I will agree that it is a complete hunt and fetch game but the play mechanics are what did it for me as being good. I don't like complicated games on a console. If I want complex I will play on a PC. The fights do get repetitive, as soon as you figure our the hook on how to beat one opponent then all fight can be one that was with a little creative thinking. As for the side quests of hunt and find artifacts there almost to hard to get at times seeing as they can fall through the map where the shade and wire-frame of the game don't line up quite right. I found one where a rock was and could not click on it.

On a whole if you want a nice game where you can kill and clear a map with no re spawns this is your game. even with the bad story lines. if you want something complex and strong like Oblivion then hunt someplace else.