Boring and repetitive... or repetitive and boring?

User Rating: 2.5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
If You think bugs is worst that can happen to Gothic series, Arcania will show You more opportunities. You have variety of lacking things to choose from:
-weak story. Been there and done that should be the motto!
-boring combat. It's bad when another hour of killing mobs make You yawn, isn't it? What do You say if it happens in first 15 minutes?
-repetitive gameplay. You've seen demo right? Well, full version is like the demo... exactly like the demo. Nothing more, nothing less. Or wait - less, it's less. There is no promise of better stuff when You pay, because You already payed...
-lack of substance. If You think that between missions You can do something cool or innovative, stop thinking. That's what creator did in matter of fact...
-... and bugs! They are everywhere. A lot better than with Gothic III, but still this game needs some debugging and beta testing!

Any positive sides?
+graphic! It's really well done, but still I don't like the style that was used.
+graphic effects! That's something. Really something!
+That You can easily uinstall this product? And forget about it? And maybe even sell before people will catch up with how bad this game really is?