Before Fable III and Two World 2, I hope this game may occupies some hours, but it is totally letdown....wasting time.

User Rating: 5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
First of all, I do have no FPS problem using medium to high graphic resolution. The graphic is amazing for me, but the game has not properly use this great graphic to enhance the quality. Sound effects are not good enough, as there is not much special effects, likes walking, running, opening door, fighting....etc. it seems there are only one sound effect for each of these activities. Another things I would like to ask is.....why its always raining in my game? I do appreciated with the raining sound, but it shouldn't be too much.....

The story of this game is......boring. What I have to do is Run, talk, fight, run, talk and fight again. The main storyline is very linear without choice, there are side quests but it was so stupid like collecting things.....killing monsters......After playing for two hours, I realised that I don't have to watch the movie at all, just follow the quest list and do what it requests. I also realised that what you have to do is running arround and get into all caves (as all of the caves are related to quests).

The map is large in size, the game aims to force you to run all over the map, its one of the main reason I give this game up. There are teleports, but I don't know how to use it at all, the teleport is ONE way only, most of the time you still have to RUN a lot.

RPG aims to earn experience for level up, in most of the games there are magics, skills and talents, but in this game, there is only a simple Skill Tree with several skills only. In this game, you may use melee weapons, ranged weapons and magic to fight; magic is not powerful enough and hard to use, it depends on how many scrolls you have but not how many mana available, and its only have THREE kinds of magic.

I haven't finished Gothic 3 because of bugs, I do hope Gothic 4 would be better, but I finally give the game up after around 13 hours gameplay. The story is boring, spending too much time on running, fighting is simple....etc. There is no reason for me to play the game any further......