Gothic series continues...

User Rating: 7.5 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
First of all, for those who say that this game has nothing to do with Gothic series except for lore and story, i must not agree. In my opinion this game is good new installment to the Gothic series. One thing that annoys me is the game difficulty, i mean its pretty easy even on highest difficulty level. I remember how many times i died in Gothic 2 when i was fighting black goblins, and here they basically stand still and wait for you to kill them :D. Although i like the old learning points system from old Gothic games more then the one in this game i say its a nice change. The developers really wanted to create a game that is "easy to understand" for people that are new to rpg games. Other than that i really find this game amazing. Graphics are just incredible, music is pretty relaxing and it makes a good atmosphere, there are plenty of weapons and armors and other stuff, lots of quests and much more. I haven't finished the game yet but from where i am now it seems that game world is pretty big, as it was in older Gothic games.
To sum it all up i have to say:
If you are real Gothic fan, you are gonna love this game no matter what ;)