Why do you call it Gothic 4, its a shame for the Gothic name. This game isn't Gothic its a want to be, crap gme...

User Rating: 1 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
As I wrote before I don't understand why or how they gave it the name Gothic 4, people who know and love Gothic wont find the core of the game here. This is some wannabe Gothic game with stupid half retarded developers who don't care about the consumers and think they can do anything they want. so they changed the core of the game still call it Gothic and think it will be great, lol wtf who are you fu***ng with? the biggest fails they could ever make are:
1. no more killing NPC's
2. no mining
3. no sleeping
4. no more crafting armors, weapons, potions, on the designatete are, you can do all that running in the air, even cook. just rub around and cook some meat in the air, the hero has a portable mini kitchen.
5. no more fun in robing or lock picking, NPC are brain dead no reaction to anything.
6. short small maps, no free wallking like in all the gothic before, no swimming, inivisbile walls all the way FTW!
7. the game is easy, the story is bad, the action is low, you know what? turn off the pc and youll finish the game instantly, your going to have the same feelings.

I can go on for days writhing like this but what is the point? they fail JoWooD and SB suck hard core, the game is crap and its made mostly for hadicaped people with no standards. go and play some tetris i guess youll have more fun with it then this horrible game. i curse the fa***ts who gave hope to every Gothic lover and then turned the game in this piece of garbage...